Bicycle and Automobile Workshop Management System

Boost customer retention rate and CLTV by digitizing your bicycle/automobile workshop processes.


Digitized Automobile Workshop Management Software

Efficient Workload Management

  • Plan daily staff workload to ensure the highest productivity and minimum revenue loss

  • Accommodate workload for staff leaves

Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions
Ensure Business Continuity During Uncertain Times

Improve Staff Productivity and Reduce Costs

  • Easily identify bottlenecks in the servicing workflow

  • Supervisors can monitor staff efficiency and performance through the merchant app

  • Ensure that your staff gets more done in less time, leading to reduced costs

Boost Customer Loyalty

  • Offer online bookings for different service packages on your website

  • Send real-time servicing status notifications to customers

  • Offer a convenience-first approach to customers through reduced waiting times

  • Gather customer feedback and improve

Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions
Ensure Business Continuity During Uncertain Times

Completely Customizable Based on Your Specific Needs

  • Smart solutions tailored to fit your business needs

  • Implementation of new features and capabilities to skyrocket your business growth

  • Customizable integrations with third-party apps to ensure the highest business profitability

Identify Areas of Improvement

  • Supervisors can track staff productivity and performance

  • Identify bottlenecks that lead to sloppy servicing workflows

  • Use customer feedback to increase workshop efficiency

Ensure Business Continuity During Uncertain Times

Advanced Analytics to Drive Key Business Decisions

  • Manage workload and staff to ensure the highest sales and revenue

  • Easily identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement

  • Use data to get insights into key business metrics such as churn rate and CLTV

Top Automotive Workshop Management Features That Our Customers Love

Online Pre-Bookings

Offer online slot bookings for different workshop service packages on your website

Digital Walk-in Management

Regulate traffic digitally via the merchant app

Proactive User Notifications

Keep your customers updated about servicing progress through real-time notifications

Real-Time Status Tracking

Supervisors can track servicing progress in real-time

Dynamic Capacity Management

Dynamically manage workshop capacity through the merchant app

Customer Feedback

Gather customer feedback and use it to identify areas for improvement in the workshop workflow

Job Sheets

Create and manage job sheets

Workshop Staff Management

Assign workload and digitally manage staff for higher productivity and performance

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Offer assisted shopping by allocating sales advisors to interested customers

Dedicated Merchant App

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated, user-friendly merchant mobile app

Customizable User Roles

Set different user roles with different levels for access for supervisors and staff

Digital Payments

Integrate with leading payment gateway providers to accept online payments for your workshop

Who Can Benefit From Olik’s Workshop Management Solution

Automobile Workshops

Automobile workshop management software

Bicycle Workshops

Bicycle workshop management software

Bicycle workshop management software

E-vehicle workshop management software

Completely Customizable and Tailored For Your Specific Business Needs

Need any unique automotive workshop software solutions or features to suit your business requirements? We’ll design and implement them for you!