Olik’s features are designed to help enterprises serve customers better while skyrocketing their profits


Olik’s Enterprise Solutions Come With Some Amazing Features Out-Of-The-Box. Plus, we Also Offer Custom Solutions For Enterprises With Specific Business Needs.

Olik’s Features That Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Online Appointment Bookings

Let your customers book appointment slots online through your website.

Digital Walk-in Management

Regulate in-store or on-premise traffic in real-time via the merchant app.

Proactive User Notifications

Send real-time status notifications to your customers to keep them updated at all times.

Dedicated Merchant App

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated, user-friendly merchant mobile app.

Dynamic Capacity Management

Digitally manage on-premise capacity to ensure social distancing and free movement of the crowd.

Staff Management

Supervisors can manage staff and keep track of their performance through the merchant app.

Customer Feedback

Automatically gather customer feedback and use it to boost your sales drastically.

Real-Time Footfall Count

Staff can control the on-premise footfall at all times through QR scanners

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Use advanced analytics dashboards to gain eye-opening insights that help you drive key business decisions.

Digital Payments

Integrate with leading payment gateway providers to accept payments online.

Customizable User Roles

Set different user roles with different levels of access for staff, supervisors, and stakeholders to ensure better control over the merchant app.

Assisted Shopping

Offer assisted shopping by allocating sales advisors to interested customers.

Manage Job Sheets

Workshop and repair hub staff to easily create and manage job sheets.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Supervisors can track repair and servicing progress in real-time to ensure everything gets done on time.

Lead Tracking

Keep track of incoming leads and their current status using Olik’s digitized lead management solution.

Revenue Tracking

Gain game-changing insights into revenue growth and lost revenue opportunities from leads.

Sales Advisor Performance Tracking

Keep track of sales advisor performance and use it to drive higher revenue.

Competitor Analysis

Gain insights on your top competitors and their best features through accurate competition benchmarking.

Olik’s Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs.

Appointment Booking & Traffic Management

Online pre-booking and digitized walk-in traffic management solution to drive much higher revenue for your business.

Workshop Management

Boost customer retention rate and CLTV by digitizing your automobile/cycle workshop processes.

Repair Hub

Boost customer experience and loyalty by digitizing your repair center workflows.

Lead Management System

Track leads and understand your competitor better to skyrocket your lead conversion rate.