Appointment Scheduling and Traffic Management Software

Online pre-booking and digitized walk-in traffic management system to drive much higher revenue for your business

Olik's appointment booking solution

Online Appointment Booking & Traffic Management System

Attract More Customers Through a Convenience-First Approach

  • Accept online bookings on your website

  • Digitally control in-store traffic to manage crowds and ensure social distancing

  • Manage store capacity in real-time using the merchant app

  • Offer assisted shopping by allocating sales advisors to interested customers

Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions
Ensure Business Continuity During Uncertain Times

Ensure Business Continuity During Tough Times

  • Accommodate the maximum number of customers while controlling the crowd

  • Empower your staff with real-time capacity regulation

  • Drive game-changing business decisions based on advanced analytics

Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

  • Offer a safe, convenient shopping environment for customers

  • Gather customer feedback and consistently improve to gain their trust

  • Offer a pleasant customer experience using real-time notifications

Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions
Ensure Business Continuity During Uncertain Times

Completely Customizable Solutions

  • Innovative solutions tailored to fit your enterprise needs

  • Implementation of new features and capabilities to skyrocket your business growth

  • Customizable integrations with third-party apps to ensure the highest business profitability

Advanced Analytics to Drive Key Business Decisions

  • Manage workload and staff to ensure the highest sales and revenue

  • Easily identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement

  • Use data to get insights into key business metrics such as CAC and CLTV

Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions

Top Enterprise Appointment Scheduling Software That Our Customers Love

Online Pre-Bookings

Accept online appointment bookings on your website instead of crowded niche marketplaces

Digital Walk-in Management

Regulate traffic digitally via the merchant app

Proactive User Notifications

Keep your customers updated through real-time notifications

Staff Management

Assign workload and manage staff for higher productivity and performance

Dynamic Capacity Management

Dynamically manage on-premise capacity through the merchant app

Customer Feedback

Gather customer feedback and use it to identify areas for improvement

Digital Payments

Integrate with leading payment gateway providers to accept payments online

Customizable User Roles

Set different user roles with varying levels for access to the merchant app

Assisted Shopping

Offer assisted shopping by allocating sales advisors to interested customers

Real-Time Footfall Count

Keep track of footfall in real-time for better traffic management

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Use advanced analytics dashboards to gain eye-opening insights and drive key decisions

Dedicated Merchant App

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated, user-friendly merchant mobile app

Who Can Benefit From Olik’s Appointment Booking Software & Traffic Management Solution

Retail Stores

  • Fashion Stores

  • Sports Stores

  • Furniture Stores

  • Electronics Stores

  • Modern Trade

Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions
Olik Workshop Management & Analytics Solutions

Personal Care Services

  • Beauty Salons

  • Gyms

Healthcare Services

  • Doctors/Personal Clinics

  • Healthcare/Hospitals

  • Pathology Labs

  • Dental Office

Event Management

  • Corporate Events

  • College Fests

  • Exhibitions and Fairs


  • Malls

  • Multiplexes

  • Amusement Parks

Completely Customizable and Tailored For Your Specific Business Needs

Need any unique online booking and traffic management solutions or features to suit your business requirements? We’ll design and implement them for you!